Envelop - Set Of 9


4 × 6 inches


200 GSM Matte Finish textured Paper


Comes with double sided tape.


Gifting and self-use

White - Rs 299/-

Article 1AW

Pink - Rs 333/-

Article 1AP

Blue - Rs 333/-

Article 1AB

Yellow - Rs 333/-

Article 1AY

Green - Rs 333/-

Article 1AG

Cream - Rs 333/-

Article 1AC

Black - Rs 350/-

Article 1ABK

Assorted - Rs 333/-

Article 1AA


Envelopes never go out of style! These gorgeous textured paper Envelopes by Inruhi work perfect for special seasonal occasions, weddings, birthdays etc.

These are made from high quality 200 gsm textured matte paper which makes them look absolutely astonishing.

Whether it is for gifting, scrapbooking or just sending a letter the old-fashioned way, these envelopes will always come in handy.

They are the perfect candidate to be in your stationery collectibles.

Sold as a set of 9 Envelopes (1 colour)


Once the order is placed, it cannot be returned as it is 'made-to-order' product handcrafted with the high quality paper with our design as shown in the image for you.

Please read the delivery policy and terms before placing the order.