Welcome to INRUHI! 

Thank you for showing your interest in us!

Our name has its roots in Sanskrit, "Inruhi" is a combination of “in: inner” and “ruhi: to grow” representing a journey towards inner growth, self-discovery and exploring graceful living. Our focus is built around three core values.

Way Of Life

At our core, we prioritise self-improvement and personal growth. We wholeheartedly encourage individuals to pursue their passions, acquire new skills, and embrace a life filled with meaningful experiences.


Our deep appreciation for elegance and sophistication permeates every facet of our existence. We aim to embody this refined sensibility in both our external appearances and personal interactions, creating an atmosphere of grace and poise.


We firmly believe in the transformative power of aesthetics, recognizing that beauty and thoughtful design have the ability to enrich every facet of life. With great emphasis, we embrace the notion that aesthetics enhance our experiences, foster a good mood, and elevate the quality of life. 

Our motto phrase "May fi pel' originates from a heartfelt greeting that encapsulates the desire for both serenity and prosperity (May you find peace and luck). It embodies the yearning for inner tranquility and favorable circumstances. When used, this phrase acts upon the recipient as blessings of peace and good fortune throughout their journey. It serves as both a personal aspiration and a sincere heartfelt expression of well-wishes to others.


Hello, I’m Jaies, and welcome to our corner of the internet!

Inruhi was formed in order to connect better with our existing support group and grow together while encourage everyone in their personal growth.

Initially around 2015, we were know  as j.dream. later around 2019 we became j.bluemoon. we were kpop fans when it wasn't as popular as it is now. We had limited to no opportunity to enjoy the K-pop merch or related events. Hence Our main focus was to provide affordable kpop-merch from fans to fans. We hosted multiple give-away and events from then on. and formed a closely knit community. Though we got to know each other through kpop, we all shared a stronger sense of support to the community. That's how Inruhi was formed. It was a platform for us to encourage each other to live and enjoy a better life with grace and elegance. After great success, we wanted to share this happiness with the world too. And here we are!

Inruhi has grown, bringing along our close support group and ready to meet more along the way. All of us have been striving to improve oneself, as well as embracing for who we are till this point. We are a small brand with a circle of supporters, making extra time to spread happiness.


You can connect with us via our Instagram profile @inruhi.official or on  Whatsapp message.