Our name has its roots in Sanskrit, "Inruhi" is a combination of “in: inner” and “ruhi: to grow” representing a journey towards inner growth, self-discovery and exploring graceful living. 

The sheer delight of receiving a handwritten letter from a loved one, a dear friend, or anyone for that matter, eagerly tearing open the envelope to uncover heartfelt words and well wishes, is unparalleled.

Sadly, as technology advanced, this beautiful tradition started to fade away, robbing the experience from the current generation. We believe that everyone deserves to experience the happiness of holding a handwritten letter in their hands. Hence, we aspire to bring back the joy of receiving and sending handwritten letters. Whether you want to recapture the warmth and nostalgia of bygone days or simply appreciate the art of letter writing, drop us a request.

Check out our current available services below:

Letter For Self

₹500   ₹300


Letter For Others

₹700   ₹350

₹800   ₹400 (anonymous)

Celebration & Wishes

₹700   ₹350

₹800   ₹400 (anonymous)

Snail Mail

₹0 Free


Not interested?   Let us know what's stopping you by sharing your thoughts and suggestions.


Inruhi is very quick to respond.
They help me through the process for the custom letters.
The letters arrived within 2 weeks and they are perfect!
Thank you!

-- @Evara

I placed a last minute gift wrapping ordered with a letter, I'm plesently surpried that you accepted that order. It turned out so good thank you so much.

-- @Ceil

The aesthetics are so simple yet elegant love it. 

-- @Ema

Absolutely in love with the letter. Thank you, can't wait for the next release.

-- @Kwok

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